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Remove The Dust Where It's Made

CarveWright CNCs are designed to tolerate a considerable amount of dust, but to ensure proper operation it should be kept free of debris, as much as possible. The CarveWright Dust Collection Hood makes this a snap, literally.

“Dust Collection is quite simply, the easiest and most effective maintenance you can perform on your CarveWright CNC System.”

CarveWright Dust Hood

Key Features

Technical Specs


  • Molded ABS plastic
  • Fits 4 inch hose


Dust Collector
  • 600 CFM or better
  • 4 inch inlet
  • 4 inch hose
Cut Cover
  • Standard on New CarveWright CX Systems
  • Available for purchase to retrofit
  • Customer can make modification


Always use a dedicated dust collector system to ensure proper results. Please Note: Motors on ShopVac-type systems are not designed for continuous use for long periods of time.


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