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The Drawing Tools Of The Pros

The Drawing Suiteis a tool bar add-on for Designer that expands the drawing and vector manipulation capabilities of the software. Define vector paths quickly, trace images, trim and merge vectors together, and many other features that assist in creating your own drawings.


Smart Spline


The Smart Spline tool is the most powerful drawing tool available to Project Designer. It allows you to quickly define a shape by placing points, or vertexes, along a path, while on-the-fly designating the segments between as either lines or curves.

Trim tool


The Trim Tool serves as a way to merge intersecting vectors by allowing you to delete overlapping segments and join closed vector shapes together. As an example, to make a cross, you could draw 2 rectangles overlapping, and then use the trim tool to remove the interior lines to create one continuous cross shape.

Offset Path


The Offset Path tool is used to generate a path either inside or outside of an closed vector path at a specified distance. So, for example, if you wish to create an outline around a shape you’ve drawn, but you want it a half an inch larger all the way around, this is the tool you would use.

Import Tracing Image


Import Tracing Image allows for an image file (jpg, png, gif, bmp) to be imported and placed on the design board to be used as a pattern for tracing with the drawing tools. The image can be cropped and scaled during the import process to suit your needs and can be toggled on and off to better view your drawing.

Change Form Selectors


The drawing tools offer several types of segments, including; line, spline (curve), and arch. The Change Form selector tools allow you to quickly change segments to the selected form by simply clicking on them. Select the Change to Line Tool and click on any spline or arch and it will change to a line, or vice versa.

Change Tangency


The points (vertexes) between the segments have two states, either tangent or free. Tangent means a curved segment on either side of a point will be locked into the angle of the segment on the other side. The free state means the segments are not locked into the previous segments influence. This tool allows for quickly changing those states for more control over defining your drawings.

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