CarveWright Customer Spotlight – Blake Warner

California resident, Blake Warner worked in the tile industry in his 20’s enjoying the creativity the industry allowed. It is not what he still does to make a living, but perhaps that experience (and some encouragement from his business partner and girlfriend Monique) is what inspired him to take a chance on CarveWright as the system that could help him realize an idea.

Molding A Business

In less than 4 months, Blake very quickly learned the CW system and with Monique’s motivating spirit, marketing and organizational skills, together they launched Pacific Mold Co. in 3 online store fronts. He attributes his short learning curve to the valuable assistance of CarveWright veterans Floyd Harris (Colorado) and Roger Branchaud (Ontario, Canada) using various online tools, such as the Facebook Carvaholics Group, the CarveWright Community Forum, and video chat.

CarveWright Mold Casting
Examples of Blake’s Castings
CarveWright molds
Lion Head Casting with Tiles

“We use the CarveWright system exclusively in the Pacific Mold Co. studio. For us, it is the most efficient way to visualize a concept, draft a prototype and deliver a finished product. We regularly carve foam, MDF and all species of hardwood to create our concrete casting molds. Our business is driven by consumers and contractors who demand sharp detail and precisely finished products. It’s CarveWright’s easy to use Designer Software and its add-on features that allows us to bring our ideas to life with just a few clicks of a mouse. We appreciate the support from the CarveWright staff and user’s online community.”

Blake Warner, Pacific Mold Co.

See more photos of  Blake’s Work on his facebook page

Or buy one of his molds on his Etsy page

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