Celtic Irish Charm Box

This project features the classic Shamrock design on the lid as well as decorative Celtic weaves on the lid and front panel. The three leaves of the green shamrock can represent a traditional meaning going back hundreds of years. One leaf is for FAITH, the second for HOPE, and the third for LOVE. Perhaps the most well- known meaning was imparted to the shamrock by St. Patrick, who compared the plant’s tri-part leaves to the Holy Trinity.

The Celtic-Irish Charm Box is about:
5″ tall x 7″deep x 9.75″ long. 

STEP 1 – Upload Project

Open the Designer software and open the included project file(s). You can then simply compile (upload) the project(s) to your memory card.

NOTE: Carve times are as follows:

  • Front_Back_Side.mpc
    • BEST: 1hr. 53 min.
    • OPTIMAL: 3 hr. 40 min.
  • Lid-and-Side.mpc
    • BEST: 2hr. 23 min.
    • OPTIMAL: 4 hr. 59 min.

STEP 2 – Carving

Once the carving is finished, remove it from the machine and vacuum or blow off any excess sawdust.

STEP 3 – Separate Parts

Separate the parts from the boards with a utility knife or hobby saw. Sand off tabs and undesirable toolmarks.

STEP 4 – Glue Up Assembly

Glue the box sections together and clamp until dry. NOTE: You have a choice whether to glue the side panels with the wide part UP or the wide part DOWN. (I oriented the sides with the wide part UP). Do whatever pleases you!

After the glue dries. remove the clamps and install your choice of hinges. I used no-mortise hinges from leevalley.com (part #00H6012) with #6 x 0.5 ” brass wood screws. Pre-drill pilot holes for the screws to prevent the wood from splitting.

NOTE: Be mindful of the material thickness of the lid. You may need to clip the screw tips shorter to prevent them from piercing through the topside. Remove the hinges before applying your finish.

STEP 5 – Apply Finish

Apply stain/paint and a clearcoat of your choice. Here’s what I used on my Charm Box made from Select Pine:

Apply three coats of full-strength Zinsser SealCoat (sanding between coats).

Brush on the Minwax Emerald Green Stain on Shamrock.

Using the Rust-Oleum Ultimate Stain – Carrington, apply the stain as a glaze on the  box exterior and lid front edge. (brushed on, wiped, dry brushed)

Several coats of Gloss Krylon Clear Acrylic spray.

Two coats of Flat Krylon Clear Acrylic spray

STEP 5 – Reinstall Hinges and Apply Felt

After the finish is dry, reinstall your hinges. Press on a couple felt rounds on the front top edge for the lid to rest upon when closed.


As a finishing touch, you may want to apply four silicon stick-on feet under the box, or even four large wooden beads as “feet”. Lining the interior with flocking or felt is another nicety. I hope you enjoyed making your Celtic-Irish Charm Box!

Happy Carving!

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