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Written by: Connie Ratisseau

In 2007 when Floyd Harris got his first machine, the CarveWright (then CompuCarve) was still in its infancy.  Now, after a decade, LHR has many customers that we consider as experts. Floyd is one of them.  A past conference guest speaker, he is also the moderator on the CarveWright Community Forum, where he has over 7,000 posts and on the Facebook CarveWright Carvaholics page.

Need training? No problem. Floyd is a “Go-To-Guy” for many CW owners. As a Colorado Users Group Coordinator, Floyd hosts monthly meet-ups with other northern Colorado CW users. As a START-U member, Floyd can offer purchasing advice and help facilitate the processing of your orders.  Visit his website www.RingNeckBlues.com, where he offers 4-hour training classes on the basics of machine and software operations and maintenance. While there, check out his dust collection insert for the CW…the DC Insert…It Just Sucks. He started making them in 2009 and in 2011, LHR created a Third Party Products section on the CarveWright Store with Floyd’s DC Insert as the first third-party product.


Floyd feels customer service is key, “My strong belief in customer support before the sale and long afterward has gained the support of my customers. They often contact me for how to design their projects, purchases for additional software and parts and help with diagnosing software and machine issues. I can do remote connection to their computers to help with showing them the Designer features for laying out their projects.”


One of Floyd’s own favorite and most challenging projects involved learning to use the 2D Vector Drawing Suite, 3D Pattern Modeling Suite and Pattern Editor software add-ons.  A friend, who was excited that their favorite author, Spencer Quinn of Chet the Dog series, was coming to Denver, asked him to recreate the cover of two books in wood to give to the author. We think he did a great job. http://www.chetthedog.com/chet-the-dog/last-night-in-denver

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Besides woodworking in his Greeley, Colorado home, Floyd is an avid outdoorsman and it is represented in many of his projects.  When he hasn’t “Gone Fishing” or “Gone Hunting”, you can usually find him in his shop, which he hopes to soon heat against those cold winter months for more comfort carving year round. “I do not know what I would be doing today” without the CarveWright.  Floyd states,

“I feel very strongly that it is the best option for a small format (footprint) CNC system that can also meet most of the features of a larger CNC system. Even with just the basic version of the software one can design and carve what you can imagine. When you add the full suite of add-on packages and the Pro version I truly think you are only limited by your imagination for what you can do with the software and machine.”

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