Force Awakens Flametrooper Helmet Replica

Shawn Thorsson’s work continues to amaze, not just us at CarveWright, but the entire world it seems.  He’s featured multiple times a year in big publications and his work is shared regularly among the social media outlets.  He recently had a Behind-the-Scenes video on Wired Magazine’s site, and has a book collaboration project with MAKE: magazine in the works.

With the new Star Wars film opening soon, the anticipation and excitement is proliferating throughout the net.  I couldn’t help myself from contributing to this with my recent Star Wars Beer Taps project, and it seems Shawn couldn’t resist either.  He’s been busy building, what seems to be, an entire stormtropper army.  Thankfully, he has outlined exactly how the CarveWright makes this possible.  You can read his how-to blog by following the link below.  It’s pretty awesome.

 When My Brain Leaks, the Drops Drip Here.: Force Awakens Flametrooper Helmet Replica

While you’re on his site, check out his other builds too.  He uses his 2 CarveWright machines on almost every project he does.

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