Highlights from the Homefront

CarveWright users sure have been keeping busy during these weeks of sequestering. Like last week, we decided to highlight some of the more exciting things we’ve seen lately on the Facebook Carvaholics group and our Community Forum. Show us what you’re making by tagging your posts with #carvewright.

Colored Lithophanes

Several users have found how to make colored lithophanes. They print the colored image on transparency film and affix it to the back of the lithophane. The results are pretty great. See these recent two posted by Fred Logue and Floyd Harris.

Colored lithophane by Fred Logue
Colored lithophane by Floyd Harris

Ford Bronco Golf Cart

It looks like Dick Bipes is having a blast making this golf cart into a wooden Ford Bronco. He’s not finished yet, but he’s making good progress, and it’s fun to watch his update posts.

The front grill and fenders are carved and fitted.
Fitting headlights in their custom carved enclosures.
The Bronco pattern was scanned so it can be reproduced throughout.

Carved Boxes

Everyone loves a box, especially when they look like these!

Mark “Handyman” Dewey has been making great boxes and awesome videos showing us his techniques.
Rick Mock posted some boxes he and his wife have been making in between all their sign orders.

Flags and More Flags

Flags and patriotic items have always been a popular item to carve, but we saw a couple lately that broke the regular mold.

Tim Thoelen’s maple eagle on walnut flag looks really sharp.
Charles Carroll’s flag’s incorporate silhouettes like this goose
Jeremy at United Carvings makes these fantastic carved emblems

We hope you all are staying safe and making the most of your time on lockdown. Keep on carving, and keep on posting what you make!

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Show us what you’re making by tagging your posts with #carvewright

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