Jack Boggio’s Christmas Carousel

After retiring from a career as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, Jack Boggio began his woodworking hobby by making furniture for his church. He initially purchased a CarveWright CNC System to enhance that furniture, but quickly expanded it’s use into his other areas of interest.

Jack Boggio CarveWright
Jack and his upgraded B-Model with DC Insert

One Christmas, Jack saw a toy carousel and was inspired to make one himself. He wanted it to be very elaborate with all the little details and so he began working on it right away.  It was a labor of love that took a year and a half to complete, but he enjoyed every minute of it.

CarveWright Chistmas Carousel

The CarveWright was an essential tool in the process with so much carving to do. Some patterns came with the Designer software, while others were found on the Pattern Depot or he made himself. There are 97 total carvings made with the CarveWright System, which include each reindeers name, mirror facets, transition and trim pieces featuring holly, Christmas trees and wreaths. There are lots of small Christmas toys, bows and wreaths. Santa’s sleigh and even a lighted Christmas tree were carved. He even created a working countdown clock. He hand-carved several of the pieces including a couple of reindeer, which he then used the Scanning Probe to scan and reproduce on the CarveWright. Not only does the carousel go around, but the reindeer move up and down and all is lit with various lighting fixtures.

Jack said he purchased the CarveWright, “specifically for furniture” and admitted to being “dissatisfied with it (the CW) at one time” until he upgraded his B-model machine. It was then that he was finally able to “understand the workings of the hardware” and “learned how easy it really is to do maintenance and keep everything running perfectly.”

Well, Jack…we think you got it figured out.  Great job on the Christmas Carousel.

Jack put together a comprehensive “How I Did It” document that you can download to see the entire build process.


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