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STL Importer sampleSlicer, allows users to open 3D STL models and slice them into patterns for the use in the CarveWright Designer software. Carve these slices to assemble full 3D carvings. This is done by scaling the model to the desired output size, and then slicing, or cutting, it into pieces that can be carved on a flat board by the machine.  The cut angles and depths can be customized to give the best possible strategy for retaining the details of the model. These slices, once carved, can then be reassembled into a physical 3D model.

This powerful program has the following features:

  • Import fully dimensioned STL models
  • Scale model to any size of output desired
  • Slice the model into sections to fit on your board
  • Slice in any direction and at any thickness
  • Reattach sliced pieces to help isolate and remove hard to reach areas
  • Save slices as patterns to Project Designer
  • Export slices back out as STL files to use with other software

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