Some Customer Project Highlights

I am always looking through the CarveWright users forum to see what people are doing, and I am constantly impressed by the work they are presenting. We have some very talented customers, and their work speaks volumes about the CarveWright system. I wanted to just highlight a few that I really enjoyed in the last few weeks. There are many other great projects as well, and I encourage everyone to spend some time on the forum and get to know the great community it has become.
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What to do with the leftovers?

This project by SharonB is the most creative use of the scrap pieces leftover from other projects I have ever seen, and its just fun. She took those leftovers and made a playground/house for her daughter’s cat, complete with climbing platforms, spinners, and cat and mouse silhouettes. Sharon is exceptional at painting and finishing pieces. I wonder how she’ll finish this one?

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Family Crest/Coat of Arms

Jerry Barrera created and carved this coat of arms for his family reunion this summer and did an excellent job of painting it too!  This thread not only has Jerry’s nice project, but is full of great tutorial information about how to do things like this.  It started out with someone asking advice on importing an image and making a coat of arms, and ended up with great advice, a video tutorial and this great example of a finished piece.  This thread is a perfect example of how the users forum is an incredible resource for users.

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Dining Table

This project just stands out for it’s wow factor.  Forum member “ronboley” created this large dining table from a much smaller table.  He used the Scanning probe, Pattern Editor software, and ton of ingenuity to replicate the existing carved pieces to elongate the small table into this very large table.  It is so well done that you can’t hardly tell which parts are the original table and which parts he made!  On top of the table, he is now working on customizing chairs to match it.  Beautiful work, and a wonderful example of how our customers keep showing us that you really can create anything!

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