Weaved Kitchen Knife Holder

This is an easy-to-make universal Kitchen Knife Holder project featuring a classic lattice weave design theme on the curved side panels. Safely stow knives with blade lengths of up to 11 long. A great gift or addition to your own kitchen!

Knives are held in place using bamboo skewers that fill the holder’s cavity. As an option, you can use uncooked rice, dried beans or even uncooked spaghetti noodles in the cavity instead of the skewers!

The overall dimensions of the finished project are about: 3.75″ D x 7.5 ” W x 12 ” T

STEP 1 – Upload Project

Open the Designer software and open the included project file(s). You can then simply compile (upload) the project(s) to your memory card.



NOTE: Carve times are as follows:

  • Knife_Holder_Panels.mpc
    • Best: 4 hr. 6 min.
    • Optimal: 8 hrs. 33 min.
  • Plain_Panels.mpc
    • Best: 19 min.
    • Optimal: 22 min.

STEP 2 – Carving

You will see “Project Menu” on your LCD display. Press “1”, then scroll to the desired project and press the green ENTER button to select it. Then follow the prompts to carve the project.

The Plain_Panels.mpc contains three plain panels that are most efficiently cut using your table saw instead of running the project on the machine. I have also included the mpc if you would rather cut those panels out with your machine.

Plain Panel Dimensions for cutting manually:

  • TWO (2) side panels: 0.75 ” x 2.25 ” x 11.875 “
  • ONE (1) base panel: 0.75 ” x 2.25 ” x 6 “

STEP 3 – Separate Parts

Separate all the parts from the boards with a utility knife or hobby saw. Sand the components to remove the tabs and any undesirable toolmarks.

A Dremel-type tool with 3M sanding discs and fine-point abrasive bits can speed up the process.

STEP 4 – Assembly 

Glue the panels together and clamp until dry.

STEP 5 – Apply Finish

Apply stain/paint and a clearcoat of your choice. Here’s what I used on my Knife Holder made from Select Pine:

  • Apply one very light coat of thinned Bulls Eye SealCoat, then sand again with very fine sandpaper & Dremel
  • Rust-Oleum Ultimate Stain – Traditional Cherry
  • Several coats Krylon clear Acrylic spray

STEP 6 – Insert Skewers

Insert the skewers into the holder cavity until it is full. I inserted them with the pointed side up. Test fit your knives and add or remove skewers as needed to allow the knives to slip in and out easily, yet still provide proper support. 

NOTE: You can use uncooked rice, dried beans or even uncooked spaghetti noodles in the cavity instead of the skewers.


sheet of self-stick felt or cork, cut out the shape a bit smaller than the trace, then apply to the bottom to protect whatever surface it is placed upon.

I hope you enjoyed making your Weaved Kitchen Knife Holder! It makes a nice companion project to several previous projects as shown below.

Happy Carving!

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