LHR Technologies Announces New Manufacturing Partnership

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Pasadena, Texas – October 13, 2015 —

LHR Technologies, the makers of the CarveWright System, is pleased to announce our new manufacturing partnership. After working for over a year to find and set-up a new factory to produce the CarveWright system, the first partial shipment is arriving this week and we are expecting our first full shipment of new machines and parts within the month.

This new partnership will improve our supply line logistics to receive parts and products faster and more efficiently.  It, also, facilitates the opportunity to move forward on future development and innovations to the CarveWright product line and to further expand our market.

According to President and CEO Chris Lovchik, “We are very excited about our new partnership.  It brings with it a company that has tremendous manufacturing experience and capabilities with an almost 35 acre facility and over 1,400 employees.  It utilizes the latest technologies, holds numerous licenses & certifications, and has earned AAA ratings within its industry.”

For more information regarding LHR Technologies or the CarveWright System, please call the company at (713) 473-6572 or visit the website at carvewright.wpsc.dev.


About LHR Technologies, Inc.:
LHR Technologies is the creator of the award-winning CarveWright System, America’s first and most sold affordable desktop 3D fabrication CNC. Created by former NASA robotics engineers who saw a need in the 3D fabrication market for a sophisticated consumer level carving machine, LHR started with three main goals in mind.  First, the market needed a machine compact enough to fit in anyone’s garage or shop, while still providing a maximum output capacity. Second, it needed to include software that would be full-featured, yet easy enough for beginners with basic level computer skills. Third, it had to be available at a price that made professional 3D fabricating affordable to everyone. The machine introduced in 2006 answered all of these requirements and has continued to explore and offer new improvements to the system with new added advanced software features, hardware upgrades, a variety of accessories and other developments to inspire CarveWright user’s creativity and innovation.

If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview, please contact us.

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