RAVEN Beta Testing Progress


RAVEN beta testing is going exceptionally well due to the wonderful contributions of the beta users. Many issues have been eliminated, resulting in the system stabilizing nicely. Special thanks to Floyd Harris who has created a beta testing chat group that he somehow moderates 24/7. The data collected is invaluable on so many levels. We have a few more items to knock off the lists, but we should be ready to ship to everyone very soon! We are still accepting beta testers if you are willing to work with us.  Please send a message to support@carvewright.com indicating your want to join the beta testing.


Part of the beta testing is preparing and refining learning materials. It’s been a tricky process due to things changing regularly with updates, but we managed to get a basic tutorial together to help users get started. Check out the new Project Setup video.


There is a new version of the RAVEN user’s manual. The manual has been going through many changes as we discover more information needed and update things that have changed. Due to the frequency of changes, we are making the working document viewable by all. This way, every change is instantly available to everyone. Find the manual here: VIEW MANUAL. As always, we will continue to update and add all the documentation and learning material on our support website here: RAVEN SUPPORT

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