RAVEN Update – January 2024


Before Christmas, we began shipping RAVENs to select beta testers to help identify and solve any remaining bugs in the firmware. It has been going well and several issues have been eliminated so far. We’re continuing to test functions and get the system refined. We have been asked by several backers if they could join the beta testing team, so we’ve decided to open this option to everyone! Keep in mind, there may still be some kinks that need working out, but If you are willing to accept that and work with us to get it perfected, we would like to get you your RAVEN. Please send a message to support@carvewright.com indicating your want to join the beta testing.


The RAVEN user’s manual is completed and ready for anyone who wishes to download it. Find the manual on our support site here: DOWNLOAD MANUAL  We’ve also finished documentation on new Designer 5 features that are exclusive to RAVEN projects. You can find those documents on our support website here: RAVEN SUPPORT We are continuing to create more documentation and learning materials to help make learning RAVEN fast and easy.

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