RAVEN Packaging Put To The Test

From day one, we wanted to make RAVEN the best product experience we can. Part of that is making sure it arrives ready to go. There is nothing worse than receiving a highly anticipated package and finding the item is damaged and unusable. We set out to find the best packaging design to ensure a perfect delivery! The inserts are made from low-density polyethylene that are flexible enough to absorb high-impact drops and survive unscathed. The box is a 1/4 in. double-walled heavy-duty corrugated cardboard that is designed for durability and high strength. We’re even testing if further corner braces may be needed. We want to ship these anywhere and feel confident the user receives them as intended.

Check out this video of our latest drop tests from 4 feet and 6 feet!

Fingers Crossed On Our Assembly Deadlines!

Our assemblies are continuing at a mostly expected pace, but it isn’t without incident. For instance, we found recently that our factory failed to secure some needed hardened-steel rods after their vendor failed to deliver. This has taken some days for us to find a replacement vendor and we are hopefully back on track. We also discovered a few parts in our samples that weren’t quite right and will need to be remade. Those changes aren’t major, so we’re still hopeful. The bottom line is, we need these to be finished and on a boat in two weeks to make it here before the end of September. Fingers crossed!

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