RAVEN Update January 2023

RAVEN’s New Processor

Raven Processor

As the LHR Technologies team works to bring you the maker space’s most sophisticated CNC carving machine, we must continually overcome supply and sourcing challenges. One of the greatest challenges has now been solved by switching to a new main processor chip.

We discovered our original processor was not going to have allocations available until late 2024, so we started looking for alternatives that would meet our needs. ST Microprocessors came through with the STM32 Arm Cortex M4, a powerful MPU that will be available much sooner and should allow us to maintain our production schedule goals.

The STM32 Arm Cortex M4 will deliver power-efficient, real-time control and high feature integration to the RAVEN’s application-processor core, delivering best-in-class performance to our cutting-edge CNC. LHR engineers are currently completing a new operating system and redesigned board to fully harness the processor’s full potential. The result will be a speedier and more powerful creative experience for every user.

Upgraded Motor Controllers

CNC Servo motors

Along with finding a better processor, we have decided to upgrade our servo-motor control boards with new components to avoid any possible obsolescence or supply issues moving forward.

Edit Cut Path Tabs

edit tabs

Designer 5, the creative software that will ship with every RAVEN, continues to add new features. The latest tool is called Edit Tabs and it allows users to add, delete, and move the tabs along their cut paths. It even indicates where the start point of the cut path is and allows you to change its direction.

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