RAVEN Update – June 2023

Off-tool Assembly

The off-tool parts for the RAVEN began arriving over the last few weeks, allowing us to assemble the first non-prototyped machine! Many of the parts have gone through multiple iterations over the development cycle before finally getting into this production stage. This first, hand-assembly process helps us double-check that the parts are made properly and allows us to fix any issues we discover. Many of the parts have already been approved and are being produced in quantity, but these last parts are what will allow us to fully begin our production.

Electronics Development

The new operating system is installed on our new controller processor to be programmed with all the functions it will be required to perform. This process involves adding one function at a time and optimizing the entire stack to handle the functions simultaneously. The more functions we add, the more complicated it gets, as each previous function is optimized in turn. This takes considerable time, but it is nearing completion. 

The cut-motor controller is also in a new iterative stage to test some new component options for durability. We want to ensure these boards are as tough and long-lasting as we can get them, so we felt it was worthwhile to do the tests now while waiting for the main controller to be programmed.

Designer 5

Designer 5 update

There is a new Designer 5 beta update with some major bug fixes and a new bit builder interface for defining new bits.

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