RAVEN Update – March 2023

Accutrack System

Using AccuTrack Belt With Jigs

We’ve had a lot of questions about the AccuTrack belts and their reusability. Many have expressed concern about how long the belt will last and if it will be expensive to replace. Each RAVEN will come with five meters of AccuTrack Belt, which we anticipate could be a lifetime supply for many users. This is largely due to the use of jigs.

A jig is just a carrier for the material to be clamped on to and moved through the machine. These can be project-specific, especially when you want to quickly run multiple of the same-size workpieces, or they can be more universal, allowing for adjustments to the workpiece size. The AccuTrack belt can be secured permanently to the bottom of these jigs so it doesn’t require affixing every time. You may never have to replace them. The belts aren’t absorbing any load, so their wear is negligible. The possibilities are endless, and we anticipate some very innovative new jig developments from our community.

Watch this example of a simple carrier jig in action:


Designer 5

Designer 5 Beta Update Available

Thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback on the Designer 5 beta. We have made several fixes and have an update ready for download. We’re also working on some tutorials to explain the new features in detail. 

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