The Effect of the Pandemic on CarveWright

As most CarveWright customers know, for the past 14 years, our products have been manufactured in China. With the coronavirus outbreak, our Chinese manufacturing line was essentially shut down. In order to continue selling product and serve our customers, we ordered the parts all be sent to our facility in Houston. For the first time in our company’s history, CarveWright machines are being built in the US.

We are, however, still waiting on some parts to arrive, and have just shipped our last unit in inventory. Our assembly line is working to build new units, but we expect a 2 week lead time on shipping any of those machines. We don’t expect delays on shipping other items such as accessories and parts.

Since we are a manufacturer, we have been designated essential, so our staff is continuing to work everyday. For the the safety of our clients, partners, vendors, and employees we are taking precautions to maintain clean environments and product, such as wearing masks and gloves, and washing our hands regularly.

We hope you understand our situation and have patience as we get this new assembly line running and optimized. You, our customer, are everything to us and we hope you are being safe and continuing to carve.

We will keep you informed of any changes.

Take care,
Joe Lovchik
Marketing and Operations Director

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